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DURABLEND 4T 10W-40 12/1 LT

For excellent protection in the severest conditions, Valvoline four-stroke (4T) motorcycle oils are formulated with specially selected base oils and additives to address the specific needs of a broad range of motorcycle engines. Durablend 4T engine oil is formulated with high quality base oils and additives to ensure maximum performance output for two wheel vehicles

Additional product benefits of DuraBlend 4T include:

  • Optimal frictional characteristics for maximum power transfer, smooth shifting and proper protection of the wet clutch (JASO MA approved)
  • Provides ultimate protection against wear under all operating conditions. Designed to protect high performance engines
  • Keeps engine extremely clean by minimizing deposits
  • Recommended for quick starting, even under very cold conditions or after long periods of engine inactivity
*Check owner’s manual and/or product information sheet before use.

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